skill and care in the preparation of fillings and dough according to Italian recipes

Our filled paste products created in accordance with the best Bolognese and Italian tradition, with a good dose of creativity. They all have a distinctive character and strong personality, and are truly strong dishes in which the seasoning is not predominant, but a harmonious and well-measured accompaniment.
Ingredients that are well treated, well cooked, and combined in the right order and according to good household practice give as an output  a quality product, with excellent organoleptic characteristics, and above all good to eat.
We were also careful in our choice of sea salt: a special ‘sweet’ salt, naturally dried and rich in all the oligo-elements present in seawater.
Italian cooking is famous all over the world for its great taste.
We therefore offer products which are the result of a combination of tradition and modern technology.
while our modern products  include ravioli with cave matured cheese and fresh pears, with quince and ground matured cheese, and with herbs and mint; and our innovative products include fish fillings or coffee or cocoa pasta.
Our traditional products include tortellini (with local pork, P.G.I.* Bologna mortadella, whole cured prosciutto, egg, and P.D.O.** Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano).

* Protecded Geographical Indication
** Protecded Designation of Origin