Carefully stabilised heat and immediate cooling (pasteurization/ freezing).

Could is our  natural preservative
This is applied immediately after the product heat has been carefully stabilised. Heat and cold are skilfully applied, using modern technology.
We are aware that food needs to be safe from the hygiene point of view, but this does not mean it has to be made unnatural or ‘amorphous’. We therefore stabilise our product using modern ‘dry’ steam pasteurisation equipment.
In its purely gaseous state water does not contain droplets, and this enables the product to be more completely and effectively exposed to heat in a short space of time. This avoids excessive gelling of starches as well as condensation on the product.
This is how the frozen product preserves its characteristics. It can be stored for long periods and still seem freshly made when used.
Pasteurisation is followed by a short fan cooling phase, and the product is then frozen, reaching a temperature in the centre of -18°C in just a few minutes.
Quick freezing is the ideal method for storing fresh pasta.
The water is ‘harnessed’, and solidifies in the form of microcrystals. For preservation purposes, it is as if the water has been removed, whereas it has in fact been rendered ‘unavailable’ for the processes by which products decay or bacteria proliferate.