Selection of raw materials according to their type

We selected the most suitable flour, bran and eggs certified Italian origin only and studied the best combination to achieve taste, flavour, aroma, fragrance, elasticity and shape retention during cooking. This is because a ‘tortellino’ or ‘raviolo’ is different from a ‘tagliatella’ or an 'orecchietta’.
Our intense and enthusiastic research, which is an ongoing part of our everyday work, led us to producers capable of making the ingredients we needed using traditional care and modern methods.
In particular, for many of our fillings we use cheeses, salamis and dairy products classified as G.P.I. * or P.D.O.**, or in any case made using traditional methods: parmigiano reggiano, mortadella, buffalo mozzarella, and cave and pit matured pecorino sheep’s cheese…
If the ingredients are the ones originally used, there is no need to add anything else. Eggs, flour, milk and oil… have always been used together to combine “texture with flavour”. There is no need for emulsifiers, thickening agents or other additives: always egg sterols and the excellent relationship between water and fat in milk have been the best emulsifiers; adding water to flour or potato starch has always been used to give food thickness or structure; and for the maturing process, salt, pepper and smoking have always been used as natural methods of food preservation.

*Protecded Geographical Indication
** Protecded Designation of Origin